The sooner you spot any of these signs of illness and deal with them, the better chance your guinea pig has of recovering. These very general signs of illness may be present with any kind of illness


After you have noticed any of these signs, you need to determine the cause by checking the specific signs/symptoms of the diseases or conditions that are described below. The asterisk means a condition is life threatening


- Anorexia (not eating)

- Discharge from eyes and/or nose

- Diarrhea

- Hair Loss

- Weight Loss

- Dull, ruffled hair

- Dull eyes, half-closed or closed eyes

- Nose in corner of cage, hunched posture, not moving, listless


This is not a complete list of the illnesses your guinea pig may contract. If you are uncomfortable treating your guinea pig, or if you are unsure of how to treat your guinea pig, consult a veterinarian immediately!


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