Guinea pigs, one of the world's most popular small animal pets, originated in South America. Their scientific name is Cavia Porcellus - Cavy, for short.


Guinea pigs, who are actually members of the rodent family.

Many people keep guinea pigs as pets. At one time, all guinea pigs were wild animals. Wild animals are not cared for by people. Many wild guinea pigs still live in South America. They live in grassy fields and on rocky mountains.


Wild guinea pigs live together in small groups. Each group has between five and ten guinea pigs. Guinea pig group live in underground homes called burrows.


Because of domestication, the guinea pig isn’t actually found in the wild anymore. It’s almost impossible to imagine these small, fuzzy creatures crawling over fallen logs and sleeping under the open skies.


Some people even competitively show and breed the guinea pig, through many guinea pigs simply live the ‘good life’, resting at home in a comfortable cage, with family who loves them.


Are Guinea Pigs Intelligent?


The big assumption that many parents have when they purchase a guinea pig for their children is that guinea pigs are stupid. This assumption is simply wrong! When you take into account their size, they’re extremely intelligent animals, and owners often admit to being ‘hassled’ by their guinea pigs for love, attention, and treats.


Guinea pigs send messages to one another by making different sounds. Guinea pigs make high, squeaking sound to warn other guinea pigs of danger. They make chirping sounds to tell other guinea pigs that food is nearby. Guinea pigs also send messages to one another using their bodies. For example, guinea pigs greet each other by touching noses.

*Guinea pigs do not “oink” like pigs!”


Who are Guinea Pigs Good for?


A guinea pig is not a pet that you can purchase and then casually ‘forget about’, and actually are a wonderful animal that deserves a good home with someone who will care from them.


Guinea pigs are often thought of as a child’s pet, however, they’re good pets for anyone who is looking for an affectionate animal that enjoys being both held and played with.


Guinea pigs are actually a wonderful pet for someone who needs a pet to love and nurture, for all ages. And if you’re looking for a pet in a small apartment, a guinea pig is perfect!


Want to Learn More?


Ready to take a journey of not only learning, but discovery? The guinea pig is a great pet, a wonderful companion, and is an absolutely incredible animal. All you have to do is discover why.