Long Haired or Short Haired?


Guinea pig breeds are primarily distinguished by their hair, so when you go to choose a breed, you have to decide if you want a long haired guinea pig or a short haired guinea pig. Short haired guinea pig are, without a doubt, easier to take care of than a long haired guinea pig. They require little brushing to be groomed and don’t have to many issues related to their hair.


A long haired guinea pig is going to take a great deal more work, so you should never purchase one without being positive you can groom them properly.

You need to brush a long haired guinea pig daily to ensure that their hair doesn’t tangle, and some even go as far as to put pet-safe produces to help avoid tangling and promote shine.


Remember that short haired guinea pigs are just as beautiful as their long haired counterpart, and personality-wise, they will both love you the same. Don't choose just by the hair - the guinea pig is really who you need to take care of!