10 Golden Rules for Care

1. Healthy guinea pigs groom themselves thoroughly. Simply brush longhaired animals regularly

2. Overgrown claws and teeth are best clipped by the veterinarian

3. Clean your guinea pigs food bowl and water bottle daily

4. Wash the cage and furnishings twice a week with hot water and then put down the fresh bedding

5. In order to wear down their teeth, the animals need things to gnaw on, like twigs from hardwood trees and unsprayed fruit trees

6. Allow your guinea pigs one or two hours of out-of-cage time a day in familiar surroundings

7. Guinea pigs are easily frightened. Always speak to your animals softly before approaching them

8. Give your guinea pigs plenty of attention

9. An outdoor enclosure-away from full sun and neighborhood cats and dogs is especially good for your guinea pigs

10. Build little sand hills and hollows in the outdoor enclosure

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