10 Golden Rules for Feeding

1. Hay is the guinea pig’s daily “bread”. It provides roughage

2. Packaged dry food can include grains, rolled oats, and corn

3. Give each animal about one to two tablespoons of dry food per day

4. Guinea pigs do not manufacture their own vitamin C, so they need plenty of fresh foods like dandelions, grass, leafy greens, carrots, peppers, apples and pears

5. A salt lick prevents mineral and traces element deficiencies

6. guinea pigs need fresh drinking water every day

7. Remove wilted greens right away in order to prevent disease

8. Do not gather plants along heavily traveled roads or from fertilized meadows

9. Beware of poisonous plants! A list of them can be obtained from your veterinarian or a plant expert from a nearby college

10. Weigh your guinea pigs regularly! The weight of full-grown animals should remain fairly constant (exception: pregnant females)


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