Bumble Foot

Signs/symptoms: Noticeable reddening on sole of foot with noticeable swelling, sores on sole of foot that open and bleed

Cause: Wire floors, possible scratches from splinters in wood shavings, dirty cage floor causing irritation to sole of foot

Treament: Treatment may not be effective. If condition doesn’t improve after following these steps, see your veterinarian

1. Change to solid floor if using wire floors

2. Examine wood shavings for splinters that could cause injury to feet

3. Keep floor very clean

4. Trim nails short

5. If foot is only showing redness, rub Bag Balm on foot as needed (once or twice a day) until redness is gone

6. Clean wounds with hydrogen peroxide or Betadine Scrub

7. Apply Panalog Ointment to foot and bandage foot. Do not make bandage to tight

8. Change bandage daily and reapply Panalog Ointment

9. If the foot hasn’t healed after 5 to 7 days of this treatment, take the guinea pig to the veteranian

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