You can buy a guinea pig from any good pet store, where experienced staff will be on hand to give you advice. Alternatively, you may know someone locally who breeds guinea pigs, and you might be able to find an address of a local guinea pig club from your library or petshop, but remember to look under “cavy”, which is the term preferred by breeders.

You may also be able to acquire a guinea pig from a friend that has bred some. In all instances, look for a guinea pig that is clean and well cared for. In a pet shop, it is a good sign if the staff are knowledgeable and can give advice when you are making your choice.

Resist the temptation to buy a sickly guinea pig just because you feel sorry for it, you could end up with a lot of heartache, trouble, and expense trying to get it well. Select a young guinea pig, at around five – six weeks of age, so that it will be easy to tame with plenty of gentle handling.

Many of the guinea pigs are available for purchase as pets are crossbreeds of the varieties mentioned, but although they would not be acceptable in the show ring, but they are fine as pet

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