Hello…Welcome to GuineaPigMall!

The guinea pig is a wonderful pet to have because they are friendly, adorable and a sociable animal. They make a great pet and companion for children and adult.

GuineaPigMall sells guinea pig toys, food and accessories online in South Jakarta, operated and owned by Stenly Dirjaya. Stenly is a pet lover since he was in junior high school and he used to breed guinea pigs in his home. Now, he focuses more on providing guinea pig foods, health, lifestyle and hotel accommodation.

A guinea pig is safe and a friendly pet for children. Our guinea pigs is originated from South America, they are imported and bred in Jakarta at GuineaPigMall.

GuineaPigMall is a home-boutique shop that sells food, cage, snacks, vitamins, toys and accessories, grooming service and hotel accommodation. A guinea pig is a low maintenance pet that does not take up a lot of space in your home, in fact, a small cage is all you need.

GuineaPigMall is located in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, we do also offer a delivery service in central or outside of Jakarta.

Please feel free to read my website and I hope you enjoy your visit at GuineaPigMall!