Signs/symptoms: Drooling, rapid breathing, weakness, listlessness, blood-tinged discharge from nose and mouth, increase water intake, sunken eyes, bony over rump, unconscious

Causes: Air temperature over 75 degree F with humidity of 70 percent or above, exposure to direct sun, crowding, lack of water


1. Spray with water via spray bottle set on fine mist

2. Dip in water, starting with a temperature of lukewarm and slowly adding cold tap water to decrease the temperature of water, causing guinea pig’s body temperature to decrease slowly

3. Forced fluids only if guinea pig is conscious (awake and able to swallow): Gatorade, sugar water (preferably of light corn syrup, 1 tablespoon dissolved in 4 ounces water), Pedialyte (or equivalent), Nop Stress, Vitapol (1 teaspoon in 1 gallon water), or vitamin C water. Give as much as you can get the animal to take by eyedropper or syringe without needle every half hour. Force-feed if necessary. (see “Colds”

4. After following above procedures, immediately take guinea pig to veterinarian for further treatment

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