How Not to Lose Your Guinea Pig

Because guinea pigs are larger than other pocket pets, such as hamster or gerbils, they are less likely to become lost inyour home. However, they can cause a commotion if they end up under a large, unmovable piece of furniture, such as a king size bed or an entertainment center, so it’s important to have any potential routes to hiding places blocked off before you give your pet out of cage time. Put a pillow across the bottom of your entertainment center, for example, or put 2 x 4s under your bed to prevent your pet from running into hard to reach places.


Buying or making a playpen for your pet can help contain him safely during his out of cage time. You can purchase one at your pet supply store, or you can use a child’s inflatable wading pool filled with bedding to give your pet a place to play without have to worry he will run under or behind a large piece of furniture.


If your pet escapes and ends up in a place you can’t easily reach him, shake a treat bag or put out some of his favorite goodies just beyond the object he’s hiding under or behind. Step away from the are in which he’s hiding, and call his name sweetly to encourage him to come out. In time, his curiosity and love of treats will likely coax him out of hiding and back into your arms.


Remember, inside or out, your guinea pig should always be supervised during out of cage time!

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