Keeping Your Guinea Pig Healthy

Prevention is the best medicine. Your guinea pig will be healthier and less expensive to care for if you follow these steps to prevent illness or other problems:

1. Keep your guinea pig’s cage clean and dry

2. Keep your guinea pig out of drafts

3. Keep your guinea pig at a proper and constant temperature (68 degree – 72 degree F)

4. Make sure your guinea pig has plenty of fresh air

5. Give your guinea pig fresh pellet and water daily

6. Give your guinea pig a good source of vitamin C

7. Give your guinea pig plenty of light (but not direct sunlight)

8. Keep your guinea pig’s toenails clipped

9. Examine your guinea pig often to find problems early

10. Be very careful around your guinea pig if you have a cold or respiratory infection. You might wear a mask to protect your guinea pig from your cold. Keep your hands away from your face and keep your hands very clean when handling or working around your guinea pig. Keep your guinea pig away from your face.

11. Quarantine all new guinea pigs from your other stock. Keep them in a separate room if possible and handle them only after you are completely finished handling and caring your other guinea pigs. This will prevent new stock from exposing your other guinea pigs to illness

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