Signs/symptoms: Scratching, severe hair loss, dermatitis, pruritis, skin thickened, dry, scaly, scabby sores, lice may be seen around ear and rump

Causes: Tiny parasites brought in on bedding or spread by an infected guinea pig


1. Separate infected animals from noninfected animals, treat all as if infected

2. Clean cage thoroughly

3. Dip guinea pig in pyrethin dip. Follow label directions.(wear rubber gloves and do not breathe the fumes). Be sure to carefully rub the dip on the head with your hands. Do not get dip in eyes, ears, nose, or mouth of the animal. Or bathe in Mycodex shampoo with pyrethrins. Repeat bath with Mycodex shampoo 1 week later

4. Dry the guinea pig with a blow-dryer on warm setting. Keep dryer 6 inches away from the guinea pig so it does not become overheated. Or keep the guinea pig in a warm, draft-free room until dry

5. Examine your guinea pig in 2 weeks and repeat the dip if necessary

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