Life Span & Aging

Guinea pigs can live anywhere between 5-10 years, depending on the breed and the level of care that they have. Even size of the cage and the amount exercise they get can have an impact on their life span


Female guinea pigs tend to lead shorter live than their male counterparts, but some guinea pigs will surprise you. One guinea pig who was famous online lived for over 11 years, quite run for health pig

Guinea pig aging is very similar to ours. They exercise less, eat less, drink less, sleep more, move slower, and get less excited than they used to about simple things

They can also experience a number of issues that are simply related with old age, including arthritis. This is all common of your guinea pig leading a long, happy life

Many vets will reluctantly treat a guinea pig who is older, because stressing them excessively can bring them an early grave. It’s just as important to have a reliable routine for your guinea pigs in their old age as it was in their young years

Guinea pigs form strong bonds with each other when they’re in the same cage. When one dies, it can be very traumatizing to the other guinea pigs in the cage. If there’s only two and one dies, the second guinea pig is going to get extremely lonely

Introducing a new guinea pig is always a decent idea, but give your guinea pig time to grieve the loss. Bringing him new toys or goodies can also improve his mood, and help him get past the loss

As your guinea pig ages, remember to avoid stressing him as much as possible. Give them plenty of goodies and enough cuddles that he’s going to be content, and fight a little longer to stay in your arms

If your guinea pig is suffering from hair loss, labored breathing, or complete loss of an appetite, call your veteranian and see if there is anything they can do


Sometimes a guinea pig is just too old, but there are some things that you can do to ensure that they’re comfortable and content in their last weeks, months, or even days


Death Isn’t Pretty

There’s nothing nice about the death of someone you care about, so give yourself time to grieve, too. It’s not “just a guinea pig”, but you’ve lost a wonderful companion who really cared about you, and trusted you fully

Explaining to children where a guinea pig has gone can be extremely hard, but often times, the truth is the best option. This is hard for everyone, so respect that they’re having trouble understanding just what happened with the pet they’ve loved and cared about for so long

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