Making Friends Step by Step

1. Arousing Curiosity

Approach the animal with the cage door closed. Lie down next to the cage so that you are at eye level with it.

Stay completely still for a few minutes and then try to imitate guinea pig noises.
No guinea pig can resist its own sounds. It will approach you and begin to sniff. Its curiosity is aroused. Repeat this process for two to three days

2. Treats Work Wonders

Now open the cage door with one hand while holding a treat in the other, for instance fresh dandelion.

First rub your hands with the cage bedding. That will make initial contact easier for the animal because you now smell like guinea pig.

Hold the food slightly above your pet while calling its name softly. Murmuring a drawn-out “goood” has a calming effect

3. The First Time Out of the Cage

So far the guinea pig has learned to associate only positive things with you. This trust can be strengthened further.

Build a sort of bridge so that the animal can leave its cage more easily.

Entice it to come out of its cage with greens, and let it nibble at the treat when it is halfway out.

You can tempt the animal back into the cage again in the same way.
Repeat this exercise several times

4. Timid No More

Your guinea pig now seeks out contact with you and lets you scratch it under the chin. Do this carefully.

Your new friend enjoys this affectionate gesture. Now you can venture to stroke its back with a finger.

The finger slowly becomes a gentle hand, and your guinea pig is hand tamed


5. Friendship Sealed

Your timid four legged friend now trusts you and has the courage to explore its surroundings.
Occasionally, though, the animal likes to take a little break for a snack.

Now you’ll see how inquisitive guinea pigs can be. Just make sure that the animal can get back into its cage without difficulty.

That’s the place where it feels most secure

6. Completely at Ease

Now your fearfull, nervous guinea pig has become a little creature with a personality all it’s own who can cope much better with new situations in its environment.

The bond between you and the animal is now so strong that it will play in your presence. This is an enormous demonstration of trust, because guinea pigs only play when the are completely at ease

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