Potty Training Procedure

It is posibble to toilet train a guinea pig, but it’s unlikely most owners will take the time to train their pets to this level. Toilet training a guinea pig can take one of two forms: You can train the animal to urinate in a certain spot in his cage, or you can train him not to urinate outside the cage. (Guinea pigs will defecate as needed, but their droppings are easily cleaned up)

The first behavior is much easier to achieve than the second, and patience is required on your part as you undertake the training process.


1. Most guinea pig naturally urinate in one corner of their cage, which is why it may be easier to teach them to use a specific spot. After you determine where your pet urinates, set up a small litter box in that spot. When you see him using the litter box, praise him and reward him with treats after he’s finished.

If you find he uses another spot, pick up the used bedding with a small scoop and place it in the litter box. In time, your pet should catch on that he’s supposed to use the litter box as his toilet

2. Training a guinea pig not to urinate outside his cage is a bit more problematic, simply because guinea pig have very small bladders. They must urinate about every 15 minutes, which can make it difficult to teach them to only go in their litter boxes. In this case, owners have to learn which behaviors indicate a need for them to urinate and train themselves to put the animals back in their cages at the appropriate times.

Signs of impending urination include fidgeting, backing up, or gentle nips. All these actions indicate that your pet has to relieve himself, and if you don’t put him back in his cage, he will go wherever he is.

Praise your pet when he urinates in the cage, but don’t scold him if he has an accident. Accidents are not your guinea pig’s fault, you need to learn to be more observant of his behavior and take quick action when you see he needs to go to the bathroom to make this type of toilet training successfull

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