Safe Bedding

Shavings are the most popular and economical bedding choice for guinea pigs. Never obtain them from lumberyards or sawmills as they may contain mites and other parasites.


Purchase commercially bagged products, like aspen shavings, from your pet shop. Other safe choices can include timothy hay, recycled paper products, hemp fibers, wheat litter, or cellulose




Do not use pine or cedar shavings in your pet’s cage. Shavings smell nice and look pretty, but they can cause medical conditions such as itchy skin, respiratory problems, and even possible liver problems


Avoid wood chips, the sharp pieces can injure your cavy’s eyes


Avoid sawdust bedding, it is irritating to the lungs, can plug the nostrils, and can dry and dampage your pet’s eyes


Corncob bedding is not recommended because its tends to be very drying to the skin and can be dehydrating, especially for young cavies


Do not use cat litter for bedding material, especially clumping or scented products. They are dangerous to your pet’s health, especially if ingested


– Bedding material should be changed at least once a week. If several animals are housed together, bedding may need to be replaced twice a week or more often as necessary

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