The Importance of Water

Water is a vital part of your guinea pig’s daily diet. It helps to deliver vital nutrients to the cells in his body, and it remove waste. Water also helps to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. Offer fresh water daily in a clean water bottle with a sipper tube. Do not use distilled water or water that contains high levels of minerals. Any tap water that is safe for you to drink should be fine for your pet.

Water dishes are not reccomended for guinea pigs because they are too easily contaminated with bedding or other cage debris as your pet scampers around his home.

To help maintain your pet’s good health, wash and rinse the bottle daily to ensure it remains free of mold and germs, and inspect it regularly to make sure your pet isn’t chewing on the stopper and causing to leak. Keep in mind that some guinea pigs tend to backwash food into their water bottles, so it’s essential to clean your pet’s water bottle everyday

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