The Travel Carrier (A Home Away From Home)

A travel carrier can be a very useful accessory for your guinea pig. You can use it to take him to the veterinarian, and you can also use it as a temporary holding cage.


Some guinea pigs take to their travel carriers right away, while others require more convincing that it is a safe place to stay. To help your pet become accustomed to it, leave it near his primary cage for a few days, then let him explore it during out of cage time. Leave the door on the carrier open at first so your guinea pig can go in and out of it freely. Put a few favorite treats in it to entice your pet to go in and explore it.


When he goes in and out of the carrier willingly, try closing the door behind him so he can become accustomed to his new surroundings. In most cases, he probably won’t even notice he’s closed in, but if he does, praise him for being a brave guinea pig and reassure him that he’s fine. Open the door and let him out while continuing to tell him he’s a good pet.

Continue to reinforce the idea that the carrier is a good place for your pet by leaving him in it for slightly longer periods with the door closed. In no time at all, he should be content and comfortable in his home away from home

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