What Changes in Old Age

1. Behavior

The animals gurgle and purr less. They become quiter. Their inquisitiveness dimishes visibly


2. Activity

The guinea pig moves around less. It likes to rest in sunny spots. Its movements become stiff


3. Diet

Old guinea pigs in particular need vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements (from the pet store)


4. Grooming

Even old animals continue to groom themselve frequently. There are no problems with hygiene


5. Coat

The coat becomes dull, and the animals lose hair


6. Vision

Eyesight probable deteriorates, because the eyes often become cloudy and lose fluid


7. Hearing

We don’t know if hearing stars to decrease. But because most mammals suffer some hearing loss in old age, this is probably tru of guinea pigs as well


8. Disease

They get sick more often and are more easily attacked by parasites


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